The Account v2 service is released

YaaS is all about simplicity and productivity, and the Account service is one of the building blocks of the YaaS ecosystem. When you create an SCI account and sign in to YaaS for the first time, you find a user-friendly experience. The platform gives different options that allow you to be productive right away.

The new version of the Account service provides an API so you can quickly locate and work in the appropriate organizations or projects.
YaaS users can request to join an organization after the owner uses the service's new functionality and marks the project or organization as public. This allows people to quickly find their place in YaaS, join their groups right away, and not lose any time.

The owner of a project or organization can invite users to YaaS. The invitation email gives new YaaS users the opportunity to create a secure and convenient SAP Cloud Identity account, ensuring that they sign in to YaaS using the most secure way. Since collaboration is one of the keys to success, invite your colleagues!

The Account v2 doesn't leave anyone behind

If you still use your legacy YaaS account, you have the option to grant your roles to a new SCI account. To initiate the process, click Grant Roles to Alternate Account in your Builder account settings. This quick, simple, and secure process allows you to get the most out of YaaS and SAP Cloud Identity. Single sign-on allows you to use one account across SAP applications, and two-factor authentication provides increased security.
Read more about granting roles to alternate accounts in the related section of the Account v2 service documentation.

What about the previous version of the Account service?

Don't worry, Account v1 is not going away.
The Account v1 service still handles basic tasks such as creating projects and organizations, and managing roles within projects and organizations. Account v2 allows you to send join requests to projects and organizations, create SCI-enabled invitations to projects and organizations, and grant roles from legacy YaaS accounts to new SCI accounts.
The features of Account v2 are currently available only on the API level, and will be implemented in the Builder in the near future. Keep an eye out for more news and updates.

For more technical details, see the Account v2 service's API console.

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