RELEASE NOTES/Algolia Search/Algolia Search v1

New features and functionality

With the new indexing properties in the Algolia Search service, you can now enjoy the flexibility of indexing all of your products: published, unpublished, or both. Read on to learn about the latest enhancements to the Algolia Search service.

Enable indexing of all products or products by publication status

A new feature in the Algolia Search service allows you to index published products, unpublished products, or all of your products, both published and unpublished.

Use the new endpoint /{tenant}/project/configuration/indexing to specify an indexing method in the Algolia Search service. Now you can manage indexing with help of these properties:

  • activePublishedProductIndexing: If set to true, this property enables indexing of published products. If set to false, the property disables indexing of published products.
  • activeNonPublishedProductIndexing: If set to true, this property enables indexing of non-published products. If set to false, the property disables indexing of non-published products.

The active property, which enables indexing of published products only, is still available but is deprecated and scheduled to be removed entirely in an upcoming version of the Algolia Search service.

Enable unpublished product indexation only if your Product Content package subscription is up-to-date. If your Product Content package subscription is older than 20 October 2016, renew your subscription or the indexation feature will not work as expected.

Search both for published and unpublished products with new search credentials

The updated search feature changes the way the searchKey works and introduces an additional backofficeSearchKey.

  • Previously, the searchKey property searched for all indexed products, but only published products were indexed. Because you can now index both published and unpublished products, the new searchKey property searches for published products only, and ignores unpublished products. Make sure you remove any old keys and generate a new searchKey to use this feature properly.
  • To search for all products, both published and unpublished, use the backofficeSearchKey.
If you previously used Algolia indexing, you might still have the old key that allowed you to search for all indexed products. Continuing to use the old key could lead to some issues, because there was no distinction between indexing of published and unpublished products in the former version. To avoid the unnecessary risk of getting the wrong results, it is strongly recommended that you delete the old searchKey in your Algolia Dashbord and create a new searchKey that enables you to search for published products only.
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