RELEASE NOTES/API Management/API Management v1

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

The new API Management service is now available. This Essential Service introduces major improvements in the management of applications and services.

New features and functionality

The service introduces major improvements in the management of applications and services and boosts the YaaS adventure.

Simplified initial YaaS experience: no more dev teams!

To improve the user's initial experience and understanding of YaaS, dev teams have been replaced with regular projects. All of the actions that can be performed for dev teams are also available for projects.

Publisher mode

Applications and services are visible for the project owner by default. As a project member, you can switch the Publisher Mode to ON in the Builder to see them.

No difference in applications

The functionalities for both types of applications are unified. Single-tenant applications (previously in projects) and multi-tenant applications (previously created for services) became one type of application. This limits the confusion connected with required scopes and service scopes. An application is created independently, and you can link it later to your service.

No YaaS URL in application identifier

The YaaS URL, referred to as the "base path" in the code, is still mandatory for every organization and is used in the service's proxy URL. However, it is no longer part of the application Identifier.

The above functionalities will be available in the Builder soon!
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