RELEASE NOTES/API Management/API Management v1

Now you can define trusted post-logout URIs that the client can use when calling the /end_session endpoint of the OAuth2 service. To use the OAuth2 /end_session endpoint, define at least one post-logout redirect URI for the client that calls it.

For existing clients, define the postLogoutRedirectUris parameter by sending a PUT request to the /projects/{projectID}/clients/{identifier}.
You can also define the postLogoutRedirectUris parameter when when you create new clients using the /projects/{projectID}/clients endpoint.

This feature is not available in the Builder, which means that you can only set the post-logout redirect URIs directly in the API.

Find out more:

  • For more information about the post-logout redirect URIs, see the API-Management service's api reference.
  • For more information about the /end_session endpoint and how it verifies the post-logout URIs you set for your clients, see the related these release notes.
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