RELEASE NOTES/Avalara Tax/Avalara Tax v1

VAT support

With the launch of globalization, specified updates ensure that all services are usable in the European market. The Avalara Tax service now supports the value-added tax (VAT), which is the tax included in the product's sale price.

To use Avalara Tax VAT, configure the following keys in the Site service for your European site:

  • businessIdentificationNo - Your Avalara Unified Business Identifier (UBI). The UBI is a tax registration number you receive when you file for a business license.
  • taxIncluded - The default value for this key is false. Set the key value to true for VAT.
  • account - Your Avalara account ID
  • license - Your Avalara license key
  • apiVersion - 1.0
  • url -

For more information about the UBI, see the File business license applications section of the Avalara page.

For information on how to configure the tax provider for your site, see the Site service documentation.

To set up Avalara, see the Avalara Tax Calculation tutorial.

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