Add multiple items to the cart in a single call

You can now added multiple items to the cart in a single call. This new feature uses the batch processing guidelines from the API Best Practices. This feature benefits a customer who frequently shops at your store. If a customer makes frequent orders from you store and always orders the same items, they do not have to go through the long process of adding items one at a time. For more information about this feature, see Add Multiple Items to the Cart in a Single Call.

Exposing RAML API descriptor at the fixed URL

The Cart service now exposes the RAML API descriptor at the meta-data/api.raml relative URL. This makes the Cart service more accessible to potential API consumers, which can easily locate the API descriptor entry point by knowing the base URL. This change has zero impact for existing API consumers, but if you are referring to the Cart service RAML file, you must use the latest URL.

Bug fixes

Now when you add an item to the cart, the price is stored as is (regardless of the decimal point) until calculation. After the cart is calculated, rounding is applied.

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