Retrieve cart now supports fees

A fee is an additional charge that can be applied to any item in the Storefront. For example, you can add a deposit fee to beer bottles. You can add multiple fees to a single item. When you retrieve a cart by using the cart ID, you retrieve details about the items in the cart as well as the cart calculation. The fees are a part of this calculation. Now, when you complete a GET request (/carts/{cartId}) and fees are included, you receive the following additional details:

  • The total, subtotal, and tax total for each fee item in the cart.
  • The total, subtotal, and tax total of the sum of the item fees for an item.
  • The total, subtotal, and tax total of the sum of each item fee for all of the items.
  • The fee aggregate for each fee YRN in the cart.

For more information about item fees, see the Retrieve Item Details From the Cart and Retrieve Cart Details by ID tutorials.

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