Support of item YRNs

Because the Cart service supports item YRNs (itemYrn), the Checkout service must do the same. Now, the system passes the product's item YRN from the Cart service to the Checkout service, and then to the Order service when you complete a checkout. This process ensures that the system supports products that have an item YRN throughout the entire shopping experience.

Language header support

The language header (accept-language) now works with not only the Order service, but the Product service as well. Include the header in requests to complete an order checkout. The header's value determines the language for the content that is retrieved from the Product service. If you do not include this header in your request, the system uses the default value, English.

Refer to the Checkout an Order tutorial for an example.

SKU attribute is now called code

To achieve consistency with the Product service, the SKU (sku) attribute is now called code (code).

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