The Checkout service now supports a new attribute on a checkout request to pass along the shopper’s selected payment method. This extra information enables:

  • Processing various payment methods such as credit card, debit card, and cash on delivery
  • Supporting fees on the selected payment methods

In addition, the service now passes all item fee and payment method fee information to the Order service.

Payment method processing

Until recently, the Checkout service supported only credit card and debit card payment authorization and capture. Passing the shopper's selected payment method now allows the Checkout service to process different payment methods. Currently, there are four defined payment methods:

  • credit card
  • debit card
  • invoice
  • cash on delivery (COD)

The service processes credit cards and debit cards with a transaction to the configured payment service. Currently, invoices and CODs are processed as null operations and the Checkout service simply assumes downstream processing. This allows you to continue using the Checkout service for validations, coupon redemptions, and order creation, while customizing your own payment capture process.

Payment method fee support

The Checkout service now supports an external fees service when adding charges and/or fees to the cart calculation for a selected payment method. You can use a fee service to add additional charges to the order as order surcharges. The payment method YRN is set to the format: urn:yaas:hybris:payments:payment-method:{tenant};{method}, where method is the payment method received in the checkout request. The Checkout service sends the YRN to the Cart Calculation service and the Cart Calculation service uses the YRN to query the fee service for payment method fees. See the Cart Calculation release notes for additional information.

Fee information passed to the Order service

In addition, the Checkout service now passes all of the item fee and the payment method fee information to the Order service. The service passes the information using a checkout mixin as defined in the mixin schema:

In the Order service, use a simple GET request, using the order ID, to see exactly which fees were added to an order.

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