RELEASE NOTES/Configuration/Configuration v1

Data compression

To improve the performance and lower the bandwidth usage within the Configuration service, this release introduces the capability to use the content encoding in the GZIP format, both while sending to, and receiving data from the service. The larger the amount of data to process, the greater the performance improvements you see.

The Content-Encoding header

For write requests, such as POST requests, use the new Content-Encoding header with the gzip value set and body compressed. This way, data transfer consumes fewer resources.

The Accept-Encoding header

For all requests, use the new Accept-Encoding header with the gzip value set. This way, the response body gets compressed and data transfer consumes fewer resources. The service response will include the Content-Encoding header.

Always use the GZIP encoding, both when sending big data sets to the service and when expecting the response body from the service to contain a large amount of data.
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