Welcome the Consent Manager - a brand-new user interface for SAP Hybris Profile to manage consents to the collection of various types of customer data. The tool allows you to view, manage, change, and remove your personal data. Providing these functionalities means also a big step towards adapting the system to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, applicable as of May 25, 2018.

You can grant or revoke your consent to the collection of selected data. To simplify user experience, the interface groups all data into several consent classes, like address references, device information, or location data.

Authentication and integration

The customer consent management tool, namely the Consent Manager and its underlying service, supports the anonymous authentication flow only. To provide security in the process of authenticating an anonymous user, the system generates a special token for every new consent reference. Remember the token once the system generates it for you, and do not share it.

You can easily integrate your storefront with the Consent Manager. To do this, create a link that follows this pattern:

  • for the USA: https://profile-manager.us-east.modules.yaas.io?t={tenant}&cr={consent-reference}&token={consent-reference-token}
  • for Europe: https://profile-manager.eu-central.modules.yaas.io?t={tenant}&cr={consent-reference}&token={consent-reference-token}

To discover more about the new user interface that facilitates consent management, go to the Consent Manager section in the Solutions documentation.

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