The latest release of the Customer service includes several updates, including the ability for customers to delete their profiles, a new event that identifies updates to customer sign-in emails, and an improved error message for a missing redirect URI.

New event when a customer changes a sign-in email

A new event, customer-login-email-changed, occurs when a customer updates the email address used to sign into YaaS. Here is an a example of the event's payload when a hypothetical customer changes a sign-in email from "" to "".

    "customerNumber" : "C0123456789",
    "oldEmail" : "",
    "newEmail" : ""

More informative error message when the redirect URI is not set

The Customer service now returns the error code 400, along with a proper error message, when the redirect URI is not set. Previously, the service sent a more ambiguous 500 internal server error. More informative error messages can help you determine how to resolve issues.

Customers can delete profiles and accounts

The Customer service now allows customers to delete their profiles and associated accounts. A customer must be signed in to delete the account from the Customer service. Here is the process for deleting a customer account.

  1. When the customer requests to delete the profile, send a DELETE request to the {tenant}/me endpoint.
  2. If the request is successful, the service sends an email with a confirmation link to the customer's sign-in or, for accounts created with a social sign-in, the customer's contact email address. You can configure the confirmation URL, in the configuration key customer.deletion.redirecturl, using the Configuration service.
  3. When the customer clicks the link to confirm, send a DELETE request with a token as a query parameter to the {tenant}/me?token={token} endpoint.
  4. The Customer service responds with a 202 Accepted message.
  5. The service deletes the customer's data asynchronously, in the background. As soon as the service accepts the delete request, the service fires the hybris.customer.customer-deleted event. This event contains the customerNumber and email address of the deleted customer in its payload.
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