Delete customer profiles and accounts as a merchant

The Customer service now allows merchants to delete customer profiles and associated accounts. Here is the process for deleting a customer account:

  1. To request the deletion of a customer profile, the merchant sends a DELETE request to the /{tenant}/customers/{customerNumber} endpoint.
  2. If the request is successful, the Customer service responds with a 202 Accepted message.
  3. The service deletes the customer data asynchronously, in the background, and therefore no further action or communication is required. As soon as the service accepts the delete request, it fires the hybris.customer.customer-deleted event. The payload of this event contains the customerNumber and, if available, the email of the customer that is being deleted. The payload also contains the hybris.user that requested the deletion.

Resolved Issues

  • Customers can now confirm deletion requests without having to be logged in.
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