Use PATCH instead of PUT for partial updates

Now you can use the PATCH method for partial updates. The method works the same way as the PUT requests. Although both PUT and PATCH methods provide the same functionality, we encourage you to use PATCH. PATCH provides a clear separation of method semantics, is easy to use on the client side, and is well defined and fully compliant with all specifications. You can find more information in our blog . The endpoints affected by this change are:

  • /{tenant}/customers/{customerNumber}
  • /{tenant}/customers/{customerNumber}/addresses/{addressId}
  • /{tenant}/me
  • /{tenant}/me/addresses/{addressId}

Performance improvements in the customer service

We have improved the performance of the customer service by optimizing the fetching and caching mechanism of the authentication tokens used by the customer service.

Migration from PubSub PULL event consumption to PubSub PUSH subscriptions

From now on, internal consumption of PubSub topics uses PUSH subscription. This way we have improved internal performance of PubSub events processing.

Bug Fixes

Problems of incorrectly formatted customer token fixed

In some special cases, after calling the /{tenant}/login endpoint, the customer token returned to a client was incorrect - it contained some extra characters which made the token unusable. We have identified the cause of the issue and successfully resolved it.

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