New optimistic locking feature and personalized customer emails

The features available with this update of the Customer service include optimistic locking in support of updates, as well as the ability to add customer information variables to email templates.

Optimistic locking for customer updates

All new customers automatically receive a version ID for use in further updates. During customer updates, the version ID supports optimistic locking. This way, changes of the update have no effect on the latest version of the Customer service.

Customer information in the email templates

You can use customer data, such as sign-in email, firstName, lastName, or contactEmail to send personal emails to your customers. For example, you can add the customer’s first and last names to the address line of the email by inserting the following code:

${tools.esc.html(${d.customer.firstName})} ${tools.esc.html(${d.customer.lastName})}

For a detailed list of available attributes, see the Customer service documentation.

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