The new Deletion service allows you to delete all personal data for a specified subject throughout all data privacy-compliant services with just one request.

To comply with data privacy regulations, the Deletion service stores information about the location of personal data throughout the YaaS services and propagates deletion requests to each service. In response, the services send their deletion statuses directly to the Deletion service, which allows you to see the statuses from all services in a single place.

To request the deletion of personal data, supply the subject's ID and type. Use the deletion ID and link provided in the response to perform a GET request to check the status of the deletion process from all services.

See the full Deletion service documentation for more information.

Keep in mind that a deletion request does not delete data immediately. If the specified data is subject to a transaction then data deletion is not possible. If the specific data is subject to a retention policy, the system deletes it only after retention period ends.

You can check all of the details for any request in the services array of the response, which can contain the following statuses:

  • no-data
  • can-delete
  • transaction-in-progress
  • blocked
  • deleted

See the Considerations section of the documentation to learn more about the Deletion service events and the possible responses.

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