New headers to support data compression

New with this release is the capability to use GZIP content encoding while receiving data from, and sending data to, the Document service. Compressing data during transfer provides a significant reduction in bandwidth used, and thus, response times. The bigger the data set received from or sent to the Document service, the bigger the performance improvements. Two new headers enable the GZIP content encoding functionality in the Document service. To compress large data sets, include the new headers in your request and set the values to gzip.

The Document service supports these new headers:

  • Content-Encoding for write requests
  • Accept-Encoding for read requests

How to use the headers

To experience the benefits of this new functionality, set one additional header in your requests to the Document service:

  • For read requests, such as GET requests, use Accept-Encoding : gzip.
  • For write requests, such as PUT or POST requests, use Content-Encoding : gzip.
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