Now you can manage your documents in a Builder module for the Document service: The Document Explorer. The Document Explorer is a user interface that provides you with:

  • easy access to an overview of your documents
  • convenient and transparent index management
  • instant access to your statistics

The Document Explorer include these tabs:

  • The Data tab allows you to list all documents of a given type and display them, one-by-one, when necessary.
  • The Index tab allows you to list all indexes for a given type, along with corresponding details. You can also create or delete indexes in this tab.
  • The Tenants tab provides outstanding value for tracking and planning the costs that apply to Document service usage, as well as deciding which rate plan to choose, and making sure you don't exceed your quota. On the Tenants tab, you can view the total number of:

    • tenants you currently manage
    • types you store in the Document service
    • indexes created for your tenants
    • the size of your total Document service storage

    Check out the Document Explorer documentation and the Document Explorer step by step guide for further details and screen shots.

If you are already subscribed to the Persistence package you need to update your subscription to have access to the Document Explorer. In order to do that, go to your subscriptions under the Administration tab for your project, choose the Persistence package and click UPDATE.
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