Now, the GET requests on the /{tenant}/{client}/indexes/{type}/{name} and /{tenant}/{client}/indexes/{type} endpoints return new response bodies.

This change was announced in this release note and provides the response format that meets the highest standards of consistency between different types of requests.

Responses for GET requests, such as requests to the /{tenant}/{client}/indexes/{type} endpoint, look similar to the example shown:

    "keys" : {
      "$text" : true,
      "name" : 1,
      "code" : -1
    "options" : {
      "name" : "indexName",
      "unique" : true,
      "sparse" : true,
      "weights" : {
        "$all" : 1,
        "title" : 5,
        "description" : 3
      "default_language" : "english"

To learn more, refer to the latest API console API console.

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