RELEASE NOTES/Earth Observation Analysis/Earth Observation Analysis v1

Enhancements to the Earth Observation Analysis service include a new JSON response format and the ability to add a numerical suffix to the dimensionTrim parameter to support multiple instances of the parameter.

New response format

The standard response type for getCapabilities and describeEOCoverageSet is text/xml instead of application/xml, and the service now supports the JSON format, application/json.

New dimensionTrim parameter suffix

You can now add a numerical suffix to the parameter dimensionTrim in the describeEOCoverageSet request. Use this suffix if web clients cannot easily handle defining the same parameter multiple times.

Here is an example of a request without the suffix: /wcs/describeEOCoverageSet?eoid=DS_RGB&dimensionTrim=phenomenonTime("2015-08-12","2015-08-13")&dimensionTrim=cloudPercentage(0.0, 40.0)

Instead, you can now get the same information using this request: /wcs/describeEOCoverageSet?eoid=DS_RGB&dimensionTrim1=phenomenonTime("2015-08-12","2015-08-13")&dimensionTrim2=cloudPercentage(0.0, 40.0)

For a detailed description of the parameters, check the Dev Portal API Documentation.

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