RELEASE NOTES/Earth Observation Analysis/Earth Observation Analysis v1

The Earth Observation Analysis service now provides satellite images in PNG format. Additionally, you can download specified subsets of an image using the dimensionTrim parameter in the getCoverage call. To handle the non-georeferenced PNG image format, retrieve the coverage metadata for any coverage, even subsets, using the new WCS call, describeCoverage. These enhancements are described in this release note.

Image subsets

The dimensionTrim parameter now extends the getCoverage call to trim a coverage along latitude and longitude. This way, images become smaller in size and you can request images of interesting regions without downloading more data than necessary.

Example of a subset of Key West (Florida, USA)


WCS function call describeCoverage

Use this call to describe single coverages. This call supports the same parameters that getCoverage supports. Use it to handle subsets of the non-georeferenced PNG image format.

Example describing a coverage subset


New image format PNG

Request a full image or a subset in PNG image format with the parameter format=image/png. This format allows a direct depiction in a web browser. The compression of the images is lossless to reduce web traffic without loss of precision.

Please note that PNG images are no longer georeferenced. To use these images in GIS tools, request additional reference data through the describeCoverage call.

Example of a subset of Key West (Florida, USA)


For more details about any of these updates, refer to the Tutorial section in the Earth Observation Analysis API Documentation.

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