In this new major version of the Email service, several improvements allow it to focus on email sending operations, while connected functionality has been moved to helper services. You can also use the new helper services independently. See the Velocity Template service and the YaaS Verification service for more details.

This architectural split enables scaleable functionality for individual services, leading to better overall performance. This model also allows the delivery of new features faster, thanks to the reduced complexity of each service.

The email sending request is also optimized and, by design, provides you with the choice to send emails with content rendered using the Velocity Template service, or with email content that you provide directly in your request.

The new services have been introduced next to Email service v1 in the current Email package to enable a smooth transition to the new APIs, at the moment of your choice, until the future introduction of the new Email package which will no longer include Email service v1. Check out the documentation for the Email Service v2 and the step-by-step guide that describes how to adjust your service to use the new version.

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