RELEASE NOTES/Engagement Center UI Configuration/Engagement Center UI Configuration v1

The Engagement Center UI Configuration mashup service offers two new features that provide the capability to manage language-depending text, extend field-level functionality in the Engagement Center, and automatically generate SAP GUI for HTML views.

Language-dependent text support

The first new feature gives you the opportunity to store and read the available language-dependent texts in the Engagement Center. For example, Engagement Center user interface (UI) texts. Call the endpoint /{tenant}/texts with the GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE HTTP-methods to manage these values. Use the endpoint /{tenant}/texts/{group} to group the texts and work with specific groups separately.

Object view extensions

The second new feature, with the endpoint /{tenant}/objectViewExtension, is the foundation for extending the service ticket view in the engagement context without any coding. Using this service, you can store configurations that contain information about additional fields.

In the engagement context, you can customize the service ticket view with additional UI elements, such as:

  • Input field
  • Label
  • Check box
  • Date picker
  • Time picker

SAP GUI for HTML integration

Updates to the SAP GUI for HTML integration, with the endpoint /{tenant}/sapguihtml, include new attributes in the service’s data model. The configuration table now has three new flags to configure the behavior of the SAP GUI for HTML, as well as views and menu items for the engagement context (Active, Action Area Link, and Autoclose). Additionally, a Text ID field is available to reference the language-dependent text objects.

New attribute for business document types

The existing business document type feature with the endpoint /{tenant}/businessdocumenttype is enhanced with a new attribute for the action area view. This attribute references to the action area views in the engagement context. Using this attribute, you can configure the automatic generation of action area views for SAP GUI for HTML. For additional information about SAP GUI for HTML configuration, see the Getting Started guide in your Engagement Center Settings.

Scopes prevent unauthorized access to the Engagement Center UI Configuration mashup service. The accepted scopes are:

  • hybris.cecenteruiconfig_view (for the GET-method)
  • hybris.cecenteruiconfig_manage (for other HTTP-methods)
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