RELEASE NOTES/Engagement Center UI Configuration/Engagement Center UI Configuration v1

The latest update to the Engagement Center UI Configuration service provides several updates, described in this release note.

New scopes endpoint and deprecated endpoint

Use the new endpoint /{tenant}/userScopes to retrieve all scopes that are granted to a user with specified role(s) in the Engagement Center, such as AGENT and SUPERVISOR. The endpoint /{tenant}/requiredScopes, that enables the Agent Home to acquire an access token, will be deprecated in May of 2017.

Delete custom tiles

Use the endpoint /{tenant}/tilesConfig/{id} to delete the tiles developed by customers. For more information, please see Remove Configurations

Side panel view configuration

Use a new endpoint with the GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE methods to configure the side panel views for the Engagement Center. The endpoint is /{tenant}/sidePanelConfig.

To configure a view for the side panel in the Engagement Center, maintain this data:

  • viewname – A unique name for the view
  • viewpath – A fully-qualified path that points to the view, including the name of the view
  • viewtitle – The I18N or text key that represents the view title
  • viewdescription – A description for the configuration record
  • order – A numeric value that determines the order of the views displayed in the side panel
  • active – A Boolean value of true or false that activates or deactivates the configuration

Update to language-dependent text support

There is a new endpoint /{tenant}/texts/default that returns the default text groups. To update or create a list of text groups using the endpoint /{tenant}/texts, include the default groups in your request. Otherwise, the system returns an error message.

Automatically collapsible Header Area

You can now configure the header area to automatically collapse when an account is identified by setting the configuration parameterHEADER_AREA_AUTOMATIC_COLLAPSEto true. You can read and change the parameterHEADER_AREA_AUTOMATIC_COLLAPSEusing the endpoint /{tenant}/configParameters. To set the parameter, call the POST or PUT method of this endpoint using the provided example. By default, the value of the parameter is set to false. This means that the header area does not automatically collapse.

Account Searches

As part of the header area of engagement context, the account search provides functionality to search and confirm an account. As of this release, with this end points is now possible to customize the search services used in the account search.

GZIP format supported for content encoding

The Engagement Center UI Configuration service now supports the GZIP format for content encoding. To send compressed data to the Engagement Center UI Configuration service, set the Content-Encoding header with the gzip value. To retrieve your data in the GZIP format, use the Accept-Encoding header with the gzip value.

Security enhancement

When you send a POST, PUT, or DELETE request to the Engagement Center UI Configuration service, ensure that you provide the field hybris.user with a value.

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