RELEASE NOTES/ERP SD Sales Order Proxy/ERP SD Sales Order Proxy v1

Help values retrieval supported for more fields

The ERP SD Sales Order Proxy service now supports the retrieval of help values for more fields, including payment card type, shipping conditions, sales unit, plant, item category, reject reason, schedule line category, incoterms, and delivery priority.

Retrieve help values for multiple fields

You can now retrieve help values for multiple fields by calling the API only once.

For example, see the API documentation for Retrieval help values for multiple fields.

Remove unnecessary query parameters

The unnecessary query parameters are removed, including:

  • qSalesOrganization, pageSize and pageNumber for the GET method at the endpoint /{tenant}/erpsalesorder/{salesorderId}
  • pageSize and pageNumber for the GET method at the endpoint /{tenant}/erpsalesorder/simulate
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