The Identity service is a new addition to YaaS that allows you to create and register custom identity providers for your projects and organizations.

By creating and registering custom identity providers, you can enable your customers to access your organization's resources in YaaS without the need to create new accounts.

The Identity service allows you to:

  • Get the technical information required to establish a successful connection between your custom identity provider and the YaaS OAuth2 service.
  • Register your custom identity provider and obtain its identifier.
  • Manage the custom identity providers registered for your organization. You can fetch the list of all providers available for your organization, update the configuration of an already existing custom identity provider or delete a custom identity provider registered for your organization.

You can use the custom identity providers you create and register with the Identity service, using the Authorization Code Grant and the Implicit Grant authorization flows available in YaaS.
To use your custom identity provider, pass the generated custom identity provider ID as the value of the hybris_id_provider parameter in your requests to the OAuth2 service.

The described functionality of the Identity service is currently available only on the API level, and will be implemented in the Builder in the near future. Keep an eye out for more news and updates.

Learn more:

  • For more information about the Identity service, see the Identity service documentation in the Dev Portal.
  • For technical details, see the Identity service API console.
  • For more information about the authorization flows available in YaaS, see the Grants section of the OAuth2 service documentation.
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