The newest functionality of the Identity service allows you to choose where you want to manage the scopes assigned to the users who use your solutions. The newly introduced scopesGrant parameter lets you can decide whether you want to manage user scopes directly in your custom identity provider, or to leave the scopes management to the Builder.

You can make this decision when you create a new custom identity provider. Simply include the scopesGrant parameter in the request body, along with the other data required to create a new custom identity provider.

If you already created a custom identity provider, you can start using the new functionality by updating your custom identity provider configuration. Simply include the scopesGrant parameter in the body of the PUT request you send to the /providers/{id} endpoint of the Identity service.

Learn more:

  • To find out more about the scopesGrant parameter and how to use it, read the related section of the Identity service documentation.
  • For more technical details on the Identity service, see the Identity service API console.

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