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SAP Hybris Profile: The Future is here. Meet lambda enrichers

The Hybris Profile team is proud to announce the release of a major feature, called Lambda Enrichers. The SAP Hybris Profile platform is extensible and leverages a schema-less profile database that enables you to capture new data and insights to enrich customer profiles. The concept of an enricher microservice in Hybris Profile always existed as a method to enhance a customer's profile, and remains the most important component for easy extensibility.

In the past, enrichers were stand-alone microservices (in other words, coded in Java) that a developer needed to code, build, deploy, and monitor using a large set of development tools. Lambda enrichers drastically simplify the process of developing an enricher by using a simple coding workbench hosted within YaaS that allows developers to write new lambda enrichers in JavaScript, then test and deploy without any development tools necessary. This speeds up the code, test, and deploy cycle for creating extensions to Hybris Profile.

Enricher Workbench and Lambda Management

Along with the successful release of lambda enrichers, you get a powerful tool to develop them. Give a hearty welcome to the Enricher Workbench interface and its underlying service for getting the lambda enricher details, Lambda Management.

Enricher Workbench

The Enricher Workbench is the central interface for all coding, testing, and deployment activities for lambda enrichers. A JavaScript SDK (with code completion) allows developers to easily make calls to most other Profile services like Profile, Real-Time Reporting, or Scheduled Event.

When the lambda enricher code is ready, a developer can test the lambda enricher directly from the workbench. The Enricher Workbench allows you to deploy the enricher code with a single click, and send a test event to the lambda enricher. The system shows the test results directly in the workbench.

The Enricher Workbench and associated services are now part of the Hybris Profile Core Services Package on the YaaS Marketplace. Find the full documentation for lambda enrichers in the Solutions documentation. For questions or support, please post to the profile topic on the YaaS Experts Forum.

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