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Introduced in iOS 7, iBeacon is a new technology enabling new location awareness possibilities for apps. Leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), a device with iBeacon technology can be used to establish a region around an object. The UUID, major and minor values provide the identifying information for the iBeacon.

The UUID, major and minor values provide the identifying information for the iBeacon. Generally speaking, this information is hierarchical in nature with the major and minor fields allowing for subdivision of the identity established by the UUID.

For example, the values may be used for a nationwide retail store. The UUID is shared by all locations. This allows an iOS device to use a single identifier to recognize any of the stores with a single region. Each specific store, New York, Washington, and San Francisco, is then assigned a unique major value, allowing a device to identify which specific store it is in. Within each individual store, departments are given separate minor values, although these are the same across stores to make it easier for an app on a device to readily identify departments.

Using this information, an iOS device can identify when it has entered or left one of the stores, which specific store it is, and what department the user might be standing in. These values are determined by the person or organization deploying the beacon device. UUIDs, major and minor values are not registered with Apple.

The Loyalty iBeacon microservice maps the UUID, majors and minors to human readable descriptions so that these values can be reused in other areas. This master data of beacons can then be used in wide variety of use cases. For example, a Marketer can make a combination of UUID, Major and Minor using the mapped descriptions in the iBeacon Management microservice and associate it with an offer. When a mobile app come in range of an iBeacon, appropriate offers can then be pushed to the device.

Scopes prevent unauthorized access to Loyalty micro services. The accepted scopes for Loyalty iBeacon service are:

  • sap.loyibeacon_view - View iBeacon information
  • sap.loyibeacon_manage - Manage or edit iBeacon information
  • sap.loyibeacon_delete - Delete iBeacon information
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