RELEASE NOTES/Loyalty Offer/Loyalty Offer v1


The Loyalty Offer service allows you to create an offer in SAP Hybris Loyalty after coupon details, iBeacon details, and geofence details are provided. Once these coupons are created in the system, based on the certain attributes (iBeacon/geofence) information, notifications are sent to users with offer details. The following two types of offers are:

  • Push offer - Email is sent to a customer with an offer code when a particular condition is met.
  • Pull offer - Mobile app will request for valid offers for customers when they hit the specified Geofence radius.

Scopes prevent unauthorized access to Loyalty micro services. The accepted scopes for Loyalty Offer service are:

  • sap.loyoffer_view - View offer information
  • sap.loyoffer_manage - Manage or edit offer information
  • sap.loyoffer_delete - Delete offer information
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