RELEASE NOTES/Loyalty Report/Loyalty Analytics v1

Loyalty Analytics service is now open beta.


Embedded Analytics within SAP hybris Marketing Loyalty (Beta) enables Marketers or Analysts to define their own set of KPIs to analyze how their loyalty program is performing.

In YaaS Builder, the Analytics tab in SAP hybris Marketing Loyalty (Beta) loads the Analytics dashboard that contains the following loyalty KPIs and charts:

Loyalty KPIs:

  • Members: Total number of members who have signed up for the loyalty program
  • Member Activities: Total number of member activities
  • Member Revenue: Total revenue generated from loyalty program members
  • Points Accrued: Total loyalty points accrued by loyalty program members
  • Points Redeemed: Total loyalty points redeemed by loyalty program members
  • Active Offers: Total offers active for the loyalty program
  • Redeemable Points: Total points available to redeem for the loyalty members

Loyalty Charts:

  • Members by Tier ( Pie Chart)
  • Members by Month / Qtr / Year per Tier
  • Member Activities by Month / Qtr / Year per Tier
  • Member Revenue ($) by Month / Qtr / Year per Tier

A Marketer can filter these KPIs and charts based on the time period and tiers configured for the loyalty program. Only predefined KPIs are displayed. There is no option for Marketers to create their own KPIs and charts. A Marketer can hide or unhide the KPIs based on his requirements.

Scopes prevent unauthorized access to Loyalty micro services. The accepted scope for Analytics is sap.loyanalytics_view, which allows a user to view the KPIs and charts in Analytics tab of SAP hybris Marketing Loyalty (Beta).

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