With this release of the Media service, managing both private and public media files is easier than ever before!


With the Media service version v2, you can do the following:

  • Upload all your media files easily with a temporary upload link you can pass to your client.
  • Delete all unwanted media.
  • Manage the file's metadata for improved clarity and arrangement.
  • Decide who can access your media by using these endpoints:
    • /public/files - Files posted to this endpoint do not require a scope. Anyone can retrieve a file by sending GET request to /public/files/{fileid}.
    • /files - Files posted to this endpoint require the hybris.media_view scope. All sensitive files, such as invoices, stored here are viewable only by you.
  • List and filter your media files quickly using a query with response pagination.

What's new

Compared to v1, the v2 Media service has the following added capabilities:

  • The file upload and download process is enhanced to improve scalability.
  • Two separate endpoints are provided for private and public files.
  • Filtering media files using basic query is now possible.
  • A new migration tool simplifies moving all your media to the new version with just one request. For more information, see Migration Manager.
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