New Features

Single token for many requests

Going forward, you can get one access token for your team and use it to perform many commits for many tenants. The /commit endpoint allows you to use query parameter {tenant} to specify which tenant should be the owner of the media file. The main advantages of this solution are:

  • Easier development of multi-tenant services.
  • Reduced number of calls to the OAuth service, and therefore reduced latency.
  • Reduced token cache size.

New functionality to delete all tenant media files, and a new hybris.media_admin scope

The delete functionality has been extended to enable you to delete all tenant media files with just one call. This is a useful feature if you want to perform a cleanup after testing. You can trigger the deletion of all media files stored for a particular tenant by using the DELETE method on the /files or public/files endpoints. To prevent the unintentional removal of a huge number of media files, a new hybris.media_admin scope has been added.

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