Order subTotalPrice field

With this release, a checkout client can now post the subtotal value of the order using the subTotalPrice field. This will eliminate the need to recalculate this value before it is served by the Order service when a user wants to read the details of the order, such as seeing the details of a placed order in the Builder UI or receiving the order details in a confirmation email. This will ensure that there is no room for any calculation inconsistencies.

The latest order schema is available here: order.json %>/hybris/order/v1/meta-data/schema/order.json)

Mixins in customer attributes

With this release, a merchant/checkout application can create an order with mixins in customer objects. The schema of a mixin should be specified in the metadata attribute.

For example:

"metadata": {
   "mixins": {
     "secondaryContactPhone": "<%- @partial('proxy_url') %>/hybris/schema/v1/kiwistest/contact-number.json"
"mixins": {
 "secondaryContactPhone": {
       "number": "+86 334 0033 9934"

To make use of this data in your order confirmation email templates, refer to the following example and modify it to your needs according to mixin contents:

#if($!{d.order.customer.mixins} && $!{d.order.customer.mixins.secondaryContactPhone})
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