Customers can now cancel an order that is not yet SHIPPED. For this purpose, there is a new endpoint, /{tenant}/orders/{orderId}/transitions, for GET and POST operations.

  • To make GET or POST calls on this endpoint, the hybris.order_update_as_customer scope is required, which is automatically granted by the Customer service after the customer logs in.
  • The GET operation returns an array of possible transitions for an order that can be made by a customer. But because customers can only make transitions to declined, the response is either empty or an array of a single status – DECLINED.

    Example Response:

      "status": "DECLINED"

    The POST operation changes the status of the order to the status that is indicated in the request body. Example Request:

     "status": "DECLINED"

    If a customer tries to make transitions that are not allowed, the service returns 403 – Forbidden with an appropriate error message.

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