Product variants

To allow merchants to sell customized products, the order creation schema now includes product variants. Variants can define product attributes such as color and size to help buyers refine their selections. You can extend the variants further by using variant options and mixins.

Email notifications

Two new types of email notifications for shipments and cancellations contain information about the orders that buyers need. Buyers receive an Order Shipped notification email when the order status changes from CONFIRMED to SHIPPED. When the merchant or the buyer changes the order status to DECLINED, the change triggers an Order Canceled notification email. You can modify the email templates if you are subscribed to the Email service. The Order service API documentation on the Dev Portal lists and explains the variables you can use in the templates.

Use PATCH instead of PUT for partial updates

Now you can use the PATCH method for partial updates. The method works the same way as the PUT requests. Although both the PUT and PATCH methods provide the same functionality, it is recommended that you use PATCH. PATCH provides a clear separation of method semantics, is easy to use on the client side, and is well defined and fully compliant with all specifications. You can find more information in the blog post PATCHing the API guideline on partial updates.

New lastStatusChange field

A new field, lastStatusChange, is available in the order schema. It is a timestamp, and and each time the order status changes, the value of lastStatusChangeautomatically updates.

New expectDeliveryOn field

The new field `expectDeliveryOn, stores the expected delivery date for order shipments.

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