RELEASE NOTES/Page View Enricher/Page View Enricher v1

The newly-released Page View enricher is a component of SAP Hybris Profile, which captures and persists the information on

  • Asset interest affinity
  • Funnel level

Asset interest affinity

Asset interest affinity is one of the key pieces of information for marketers. Asset interest affinity measures the interest shown during a session when a consumer views or downloads an asset such as a video. SAP Hybris Profile stores these details in the profile document.

Funnel level

The funnel level represents how deep a customer is in the conversion funnel during the current session. This release extends SAP Hybris Profile with the first version of this logic. External applications can already start to use this information. Currently, SAP Hybris Profile stores tenant-defined values for individual web page types as the funnel level in the profile document.

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