Publishing a price change event

Previously, there wasn't a way to know when a product's price changed. For third-party services like Algolia Search, knowing when a price changes is important information when you're searching for a certain price. The Price service now publishes an event for immediate price changes. The following price changes trigger the price-change event:

  • A price is created for a product.
  • A price for an existing product is updated.
  • A product's price is deleted.

The event is published only if the price change is effective immediately. For a price change that occurs at a later date, the service publishes the event when that price change takes effect (for example, a price change with a new date range).

To allow a third-party service to read this event, use the hybris.pubsub.topic=hybris.price.price-change scope.

For more information about the event, see the Events page.

For more information about the scope, see the Scopes in Price Service page.

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