You can now use product variants to enhance the current features and functionality of the Product service.


With variants, you can introduce different types of a single product. Product variants help you to further differentiate items within a type.

Media in variants

Variants can also include media, providing highly-customized visualization, representing the specific qualities of a variant that might appeal to customers. With media in variants, customers can see images prepared specifically for each product variant you offer.

Query variants

The Product service supports querying, not only for products, but for variants, too. Knowing the variant's identifier allows you to run a simple query and retrieve any variant you want, no matter which product it comes from.

Query both products and variants in a single call

You can query for variants and products in one single call. By using additional parameters, you can also decide the amount of information you want to get for each product and variant that you query. The retrieval of non-public products requires authorization, while the retrieval of public products does not.

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