RELEASE NOTES/Product Details/Product Details v2

The Product Details service v2 is available and is compatible with the latest Product service release. As of this release, use Product service v2, instead of Product service v1, within the Product Details service.

Changes in this release

This release includes updates to make the Product Details service compatible with the Product service v2 release.

External media support removed

For security reasons, external media support is removed. Any external media you create is no longer visible in the Product Details service v2.

The sku field is renamed to code

The field, sku, is now named code to match the field name in Product service v2.

Default language replaced with localization value map

In the previous version of the Product Details service, if you did not provide Accept-Language or hybris-languages headers, the service assumed that you wanted to retrieve content in English. To provide more insight into how your data gets treated, the English-language assumption is removed. Now, when you fetch data without providing an Accept-Language or hybris-languages header, you receive a full map of localization values, matching the functionality in the Product service v2.

Default currency replaced with prices in all provided currencies

In the previous version of the Product Details service, if you did not provide the hybris-currency header, the service assumed that you were interested only in the USD currency. To provide more control over your data, the USD currency assumption is removed. Now, when you provide data without a hybris-currency header, you receive prices in all provided currencies.


You might need to reorder your media in the Product service v1 before you begin using Product service v2.

Media reorder migration (possible action required)

If you currently use the Product service v1 to manage your products, you might need to use the Migration service to reorder your media to the format supported by this release of the Product Details service. The Migration service takes into consideration the media's position attribute and the main flag. The main flag has a higher priority than any position value. If you ordered your media using the Product service v1, make sure you trigger migration after you finish using it, and before you start using Product Details service v2. For more information about the media reorder migration, see the Product service v2 Media Migration tutorial.

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