The Profile service is the newest addition to the SAP Hybris Profile solution. The Profile service improves the maintenance and consumption of a customer profile. Unlike the Secure Graph service, the Profile service allows you to retrieve all customer profile data with just a single request.

The Profile service provides a RESTful API to consume customer profiles as simple and well-defined JSON documents. Each profile document consists of JSON subdocuments related to specific profile aspects, such as identities, transactions, session observations, and corresponding insights. The Profile service allows you to retrieve either a full profile, or selected sections of a profile. For example, you can access only the most recent session information and related affinities, or retrieve the order history for an individual profile. The Profile service fully respects consents granted and revoked by a customer through the Consent service. If the customer revokes consent for storing and processing data related to a particular activity, the resulting profile document does not contain such data.

For more exciting details about the Profile service, see the dedicated Profile service documentation.

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