RELEASE NOTES/Real-time Reporting/Real-time Reporting v1

New user interface for Real-time Reporting service data

While the Real-time Reporting service is extremely useful, it can be difficult to use JSON data returned from REST calls to explore, debug, and visualize the stored data.

The Real-time Reporting Explorer provides an easy-to-use interface for visualizing the data stored in Real-time Reporting. It allows users to inspect the stored data, debug, demo, and gain valuable insights.

Features of the Real-time Reporting Explorer include:

  • Select the interval of interest to display in the UI from one hour to one year.
  • Select the granuarity of the display from hour to month, or choose 'all' granularity to get all of the data.
  • Select any table that has been created in Real-time Reporting.
  • Choose which columns to aggregate.
  • The displayed information can be shown in either a line chart or a table. When you choose a line chart, you can click the legend to filter values in or out of view.

For more information about the Real-time Reporting Explorer, refer to the Real-time Reporting Explorer documentation.

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