RELEASE NOTES/SAP Jam Communities/SAP Jam Communities v1

The latest release of the SAP Jam Communities service includes enhancements that improve security for generating access tokens, and allow you to search the community for blog posts.

Improved security mechanism for generating tokens

The SAP Jam Communities service now supports a new method for generating access tokens. The new mechanism periodically refreshes an access token, before the previous token expires. You must apply for a new token every two hours to retrieve data from SAP Jam Communities.

To apply for a new token, configure these fields:

  • applicationID: ID of the application created in SAP Jam Communities
  • applicationSecret: Secret of the application created in SAP Jam Communities
  • userName: User name of the admin user for signing in to SAP Jam Communities
  • password: User password of the admin user for signing in to SAP Jam Communities
The permanent token generated before this release is no longer valid after December 31, 2016.

Blog searching enabled

New in this release is the endpoint /{tenant}/search. Use this endpoint to search for blogs from SAP Jam Communities by keyword. The service returns blogs sorted by matching degree, or relevance to the specified keywords, and the post time of each blog. The search results contain only the original blogs, without returning blog replies.

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