RELEASE NOTES/Social Media Retrieval Scheduling/Social Media Retrieval Scheduling v1

The Social Media Retrieval Scheduling service is a mashup service that provides the functionality to schedule background jobs, which periodically (every 30 minutes) retrieve social media posts from configured social media channels.

Before using this service, make sure the services for harvesting data from target social media channels have been implemented and correctly configured. You can refer to SAP Jam Communities as an example.

You need to create one background job for each target social media channel and configure the endpoint, which can be called to harvest data from this social media channel.

In order to generate a proper token to call the configured social media data harvesting endpoint, an application needs to be created in your project and the Client ID and Client Secret of this application need to be configured in a background job.

Using this service, you can:

  • Configure the background job for the target social media channels.
  • Automatically start the background jobs, which periodically run to harvest social media posts.
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