RELEASE NOTES/Stripe Payment/Stripe Payment v1

Stripe Connect

Stripe Connect is a new and easy way for you to integrate the Stripe payment provider with YaaS. Previously, you needed to configure the public and private keys in the Site service, but with Stripe Connect, the merchant can configure Stripe with the click of a button in the Builder. With Stripe Connect, you can take advantage of Stripe's full API, including the Stripe Relay feature found in the upcoming Stripe Relay In-App & Social Sales package.

If you're currently using the old configuration with the public and private keys, you can continue to use this approach indefinitely, or you can reconnect Stripe using Stripe Connect.

To read more about this feature, see Stripe Connect.

Live Mode and Test Mode

You can switch between live or test mode in Stripe Connect. When you first configure Stripe using Stripe Connect, the liveMode attribute is set to true by default, which means that it only captures the payment with valid credit cards. If you switch to test mode, you can use a fake credit card to complete a payment capture for development purposes or to validate the payment process.

To read more about live mode and test mode, see the Live and Test Mode tutorial.

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