Sorting and paginating tax codes

The Tax service now supports sorting and pagination of tax codes. Being able to sort and page the tax codes allows you to view the results in an organized manner and gives you the ability to find specific tax codes with ease.

Pagination is based on two parameters: pageSize and pageNumber Page size determines how many results are displayed on a single page, while page number determines which page you are viewing (if the results span more than a single page). By default, if you do not specify a page size or page number, a GET request displays 1000 results per page and the results appear on page one first. If you set a page number, but no page size, it displays 16 results per page. If you set a page size, but no page number, the results of the first page are displayed.

You can sort the tax codes in ascending or descending order based on the code and siteCode parameters. If a sort order is not specified, the results are sorted in ascending order.

For more information on sorting and paginating, see the Retrieve a Tax Code tutorial.

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