RELEASE NOTES/Verification/Verification v1

The Verification service allows you to verify the validity of email addresses and domains. The service offers these features:

  • Domain Verification verifies that the domain name exists by checking whether there are DNS records of the type MX, CNAME and/or A, configured for the service, which makes receiving email theoretically possible.

  • Email Address Verification verifies whether the email is properly formatted, and whether the domain component of the email address is a valid domain for receiving emails from YaaS. This email address verification works with the Domain Verification feature. You can use this feature to pre-validate an email address before sending an email to it, or before starting any lengthy process that relies on an valid email address.

  • Project Custom Domain(s) verification retrieves the verification status of one or more domains registered for a project, including the projects' verification token(s). This verification is required to overcome current limitations when using the Email service with a FROM address that does not belong to the domain {yourProjectId}, where {yourProjectId} is the ID of your project.

  • Project Custom Domain(s) registration registers one or more domains in YaaS as belonging to your project.

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