Included in these release notes are the following new features:

  • Improved list of subscriptions
  • Event topics for services and applications
  • Visibility of nodes
  • New improvements on organization level
    • Consumption Data
    • Visibility of Projects and Teams
    • Limit of organizations, teams and projects

Improved list of subscriptions

We improved how the lists of subscriptions are displayed in teams and projects/sites. Previously, it was just an unsorted amount of cards. These are now separated into two sections: ACTIVE and EXPIRED.

If you unsubscribe from a package, it will remain in the active section until the expiration date and then will be automatically moved to the expired section.

Event topics for services and applications

In Projects/Sites > Applications, you can now define topics for the events that are calling the API. On the Application Details page, scroll down to the bottom to see the topics. You cann add topics by clicking the +TOPIC button.

For more information on topics, please see the PubSub documentation.

Visibility of nodes

With this release we're introducing the Customization section for projects. As a project owner/manager you now can decide which nodes can be seen by the members of your project, and which not. This is only valid for those nodes that come as Builder modules with packages you subscribe to and are added as visible by default to the left navigation area. Go to [Your Project] > Administration > Customization to turn them on and off.

New improvements on organization level

  1. Consumption Data
    As an organization owner, you can see the consumption data of your teams and projects without being a member of those teams/projects and without entering them in the Builder. To do this, go to your organization and then to the Bills tab in the left navigation area. You will see the monthly overview of your charges. By clicking on any month, you can drill down to the list of all the teams and projects within your organization that are subscribed to packages and therefore produce costs for your organization. By clicking on a particular team or project, you can see the list of all packages to which this team/project is subscribed. You can see the used rate plan and the costs for this package for this team/project. You can click on the package to see the usage of metrics and the complete consumption of this project/team for this subscription:

  2. Visibility of Projects and Teams
    You can see all the teams and projects/sites that are created in your organization by navigating to Administration > Dev Teams & Projects/Sites

    If you are not a member of a team or project, you can still see them all as an organization owner (or assigned to the organizaiton owner role) but not be able to enter them from within the organization. As a member of a team or project/site, you can click on one and navigate to the according team or project.

  3. Limit of organizations, teams and projects
    To prevent excessive creation of objects, new limits for organizations, teams, and projects have been introduced. From now on, only two organizations can be created from each YaaS account, and five teams and five projects/sites can be created within each organization.

    Once the limit is reached, the user with the role that allows you to create teams/projects will not see the +ADD button anymore.

There are more changes and improvements on the way, so check back here for the latest updates soon!

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