Included in these release notes are the following new features and improvements:

  • Information about limits available on all levels
  • Image upload on COIN view improved
  • Base path changed to YaaS URL

Information about limits available on all levels

We previously announced limits on the number of organizations, teams, and projects that were introduced to prevent excessive creation of objects. Since only five teams and five projects/sites can be created within each organization, notifications have been added not only on the organization level, but also on the overview pages for Dev Teams and Projects & Sites.

On the Builder overview page, only those dev teams and projects/sites of which a user is a member are displayed. This means that someone who does not have permissions to add a team or project will only see the teams and projects of which they are a member, and the +ADD button is not displayed:

If a user has the appropriate permissions to create teams and projects, the +ADD button displays as long as the limit within the organization has not been reached. For example, since each organization can have a maximum of five projects/sites, the +Add New Project/Site button will no longer be displayed after five projects/sites have been created.

Image upload on COIN view improved

The error that displayed on the COIN view during System Demo 12 was resolved.

A notification was added about the size and format restrictions for image uploads. The image size must be 408 x 362 pixels, and the image must be in JPG or PNG format:

Additionally, if a showcase was created in the background (even with errors), the page gets refreshed and you can then see and use the additional actions buttons.

Base path changed to YaaS URL

Since the principle of the base path was confusing to many users, it has been reworked and renamed. The base path, which is the location where all your services and modules will be stored, is now called YaaS URL and mandatory during the organization creation process:

The YaaS URL is located on the organization details page where the base path could be found before.

Currently, the YaaS URL is verified during the approval process for US companies. (For non-US companies, it only checks whether the path already exists.) The YaaS URL can only be set by the organization owner, and once it is set, it cannot be changed.

There are more changes and improvements on the way, so check back here for the latest updates soon!

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