This release includes the following new features and improvements:

  • New Website field added to the Organization Details page
  • New package update process

Website field added to Organization Details

On the Organization Details page, there is now a Website field to enter the URL for your organization. Associated teams and projects inherit the Website field value.

When you define the website for an organization, it populates the Publisher Website field on the Package Detail page of the Publishing tab. You can still edit the URL in the Publisher Website field, if necessary.

New package update process

We have made the first in a series of improvements in updating packages in the Builder.

Currently, every change on the package level is a breaking change and needs a new approval from the YaaS Market moderator.

Editing the package and clicking the Save button will create a new package version and put the package into a draft state. To push the new version to the YaaS Market, you must submit it again for approval.

You will be unable to modify the package while it is in review. You can edit the package again after it has been approved or declined.

After the package is approved and available in the YaaS Market, the Update button displays in the Subscription section of the Builder for customers who are subscribed to the previous version. Customers can click Update to resubscribe to the package.

Currently, customers who are already subscribed remain subscribed to the old version until the end of the current month. The new version becomes available on the first day of the following month.

There are more changes and improvements on the way, so check back soon for the latest updates!

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